How Much Would You Make as a Woman?

Find out how much you would earn if you were a woman

Based on the 2018 Pursuing Women's Economic Empowerment report by the International Monetary Fund, this app computes the amount one would make as a woman based on their job, income, and location. #wagegap #genderpaygap #gender #paygap
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Niels Bosma
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  • Amin
    AminA little too much into gadgets

    I believe the intention behind this product was positive


    Not educating why there is a pay difference but instead pointing out to a number (which is inaccurate as pointed out)

    Read some of the works of Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dr. Warren Farrell to understand that there are many factors behind gender pay difference and what you are doing with your website is to lead women to believe that we live in a patriarchal society

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  • Pros: 

    Gives a fair picture of the gender pay gap.


    Could be made more precise by going into further details, but does nevertheless give a good approximation.

    Very good for raising awareness.

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