How Is Everyone?

An attempt to find out how the world is feeling 🌍

Ever wondered how the world is feeling? Sometimes we forget to ask. This online poll encourages people to take a moment to reflect on their mood. Cast your vote, share with others and view the results of poll. Let's make it the biggest poll of all time 🌍
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Chris Germano
Software Developer and Game Designer
Disclaimer: Not looking to self-promote, I really like this idea and want to make it cooler. A while back I developed a PoC of a global visualizer of Twitter sentiment analysis based on a given keyword. I think, if it's not already in the works, How Is Everyone? could use a chunk of what I already wrote to project located responses on a globe so we could see how "everyone" is doing in a geospatial sense. Just my two cents. Nice little project regardless!
Joon Sang Lee
Co-founder @ Pentaform Computers
@chris_germano Amazing we will look into it ;)
Luke ShiplΞyCo-founder

This poll should take place once a year. Potentially on "How Is Everyone Day"


- It's so simple - It encourages mood sharing and positivity


- Lacking a pensive and frowning emoji.

Charlotte Lucy HallDigital Risks
Really love this idea! #biggestpollofalltime 🀞
Pier πŸ‰I love singing and solving problems :)
Love this!! :)