“How I Raised It” podcast by Foundersuite.com

Interviews with startup founders who have raised capital.

"How I Raised It" goes behind the scenes with startup founders who have successfully raised capital. We uncover the tips, tricks, and techniques they used to get investors to fund their startups. Covering "friends and family" rounds, seed, angel, and venture capital... here is how they did it (and how you can, too).

  • Rupen Patel
    Rupen PatelFounder, CEO Buildus

    Lots of useful tips and advise from people who have done it



    Listened to a couple so far. Great tips from Joshua Fraser of DataNerds.

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  • Dan Meader
    Dan MeaderCEO, Allowance Manager

    Excellent questions and refreshingly candid answers from guests who have fundraised firsthand.


    Zero cons

    Super helpful and insightful

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nathan beckord
nathan beckordMaker@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
Thanks for hunting us, @DanaSeverson! We realized there was a ton of content out there (much of it written by investors, for good or for bad) on how to raise capital, but very little covered what it really takes to raise your pre-seed / angel / seed VC round. This was a fun project where we "go deep" into the specific tactics and techniques that a diverse set of founders used to raise capital. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have a suggestion for who to interview next (including you), would love to hear it.