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Woohoo another one! Love these @nbashaw - I keep thinking of so many uses that would make text-consumption way more pleasurable
@bentossell thank you! I'd love to hear more about what you're thinking!
@nbashaw The only thing that makes me sad about Hardbound is there is not enough content. Also, curious as to why the back tap was removed? I preferred that over the back swipe.
@arintoker we agree! it'll take some time to get more people creating Hardbound stories, but believe me, we're working on it! Regarding the back tap, a fair number of people were getting confused by that. I guess it's one of those situations where you can't please everyone :/ Sorry about that!
It's always a great day when I get a notification for a new Hardbound story πŸ™Œ
The visuals in Hardbound stories are phenomenal. I love it!