Beautiful, clever time tracking and analytics

Hourly is a time tracking and analytics platform with a range of intelligent features - like predictions that learn and improve over time - to help take your services business to the next level.

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Cool, I'm a freelancer and using Toggle. How Hourly deferenciate itself and why should I switch?
Hey @emmanuel_b_lepage - thanks for the question. It's been interesting to follow Toggl's journey.... We think time tracking lends itself really well to machine learning and AI so we're going to see how we can best leverage it to make the time tracking and billing lifecycle easier and less painful. We're already seeing the predictions and missing time prompting working really well and we're excited about extending this intelligence to other features. Cheers, Cam
@heycamtaylor If I get it, your service can sent me special recommendations. Like "hey would you like to add this time slot?" or "Did you finished this task related to this goal?" No matter what, I'll give Hourly a try and maybe add it to my blog's article on time managing :)
@emmanuel_b_lepage That right - you get in app and email prompts if you forget to add time or complete a time entry. You can find out more at https://hourlytime.com/ or see it in action when you sign up.
Hi Everyone, Long time member, first time maker :) I'm one of the founders of Hourly, a time tracking app that uses intelligence (e.g., machine learning) to (hopefully) make it easier to run a consulting/services business. We run a software consulting business in Australia and orginally developed Hourly for internal use after being frustrated with Harvest, spreadhseets etc. After 12 months of use, refinement and feedback from our network/friends we're opening it up for everyone. The problems we're aiming to address: 1) Having a better idea of future billables and cashflow (sales forecasts and project plans suck) 2) Worrying less about timesheet accuracy and completeness (doing work and not billing it or losing trust with clients. 3) Making timesheets more motivating and less painful (Showing people how they're tracking and super easy/fast to use - no popup dialogs!) For the tech minded - Hourly's tech stack is .Net C#, SQL, jQuery & Aurelia. Deployed to Azure. We've also been using Azure Machine learning tools - worth checking out. We're looking for the PH community's feedback - especially on our messaging and time tracking experience - so please let us know what you think. Cheers, Cam
@heycamtaylor what exactly has your team disliked about Harvest? Happy to try our your product but have been using Harvest for 3 years now so definitely would be hard-pressed to switch. Harvest has tons of integrations and has been growing for a while now. Where is it that your product excels there? Always happy to see competition! Cheers!
Hey @alexhbass thanks for getting the conversation started. We're working on key integrations currently - we already integrate with Xero. Which ones do you use with Harvest and which one are on your wish list? As a long time Harvest user, the reasons you might want to try Hourly: 1) More insightful, motivating and actionable timesheets. 2) Get prompts to complete missing or incomplete times. 3) Faster, easier time entry - No popup dialogs, inline editing, add projects straight from timesheets etc 4) If Harvest's Forecast doesn't really align with how you work and you want machine learning based predictions that can help you see what future cashflow might look like. Cheers, Cam