The hottest songs before they hit charts

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Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! Hey Product Hunt family! I am Martin, co-founder of HotMusic. It’s great to be here. We have a special offer just for you: AdFree($2) purchase for free. Simply send us a message saying something nice through the feedback button (settings>feedback) in the HotMusic app. We've been working hard for the last year. It has all started a couple of months ago. We met a group of young people in the underground asking each other: „Damn, where can we find new music? Radio, media and apps give us always songs from the same artists. The new releases are played until a few weeks or months after they’re released and in few days all these songs become played out because they play it again and again. And this is a just little piece of all new music. It makes us sick." We agreed. So idea was here! But there was a small problem. We couldn’t program. After a lot of problems, we’ve made the fast, easy to use and very useful app for every music listener. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks! HotMusic Pitch Deck -
@stojkin26 can you tell us why HotMusic great? How's it better than HumanHuman or Hype Machine?
@j_nce Hi! Of course, HumanHuman is great service but it's only for discovering new/unknown artists. The most of the songs there are not even on iTunes or Spotify. In Hype Machine, you discover the songs which are popular on internet blogs and the songs are usually a few days or weeks old. In HotMusic, you can discover all new songs from your favourite genres released just today. The songs are a few hours old and HotMusic users are the first who know about them. You can discover there a new song from Rihanna which was released 1 hour ago or the song from the artist with 5k fans. Moreover, in HotMusic, you can discover new music videos right after their release. You can connect HotMusic with Spotify or just add a song to your favourite music service.