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Hotline is a Real-time customer engagement service for mobile first companies by freshdesk. Bulk actions, short codes, Canned responses, automated responses, rich messaging,fast conversation switching and other features help agents respond faster. Real time updates to conversations allow your agents to multitask and prioritize issues. Pull real-time contextual information from your systems, CRMs or any other third party application and make it accessible to the support team without forcing them to leave the conversation screen. Categorize conversations into channels and route your customers to the right teams. Configurable welcome messages help you set context for each channel and manage user expectations.Make conversations more interactive and engaging with pictures and voice messages. Use deep-links to enhance user experience by taking them to the right content or screen. Create rich messages with images and deep-links, and preview them simultaneously. Automate the process with recurring campaigns, scheduling ,expiry times for messages etc.. Segment users based on custom parameters such as app usage or user metadata. Be it onboarding tips to new users, attracting lapsing users with new offers, or general updates, Hotline helps you engage user cohorts effectively. Search for specific individuals or sets of users and proactively initiate conversations with them. Send rich interactive messages in bulk, collect feedback from power users, provide perks to your most valuable users, or help a user who had difficulties in making the payment for the orders. Hotline has a ton of great features , definitely integrating with our new app !
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@merekdavis @kwdinc Hey Merek. If you copy us here, it makes it easy for us to look at it and respond :). Firstly, we had overwhelming response from potential customers and existing Freshdesk customers, and we missed responding on one of the channels people were reaching out to us on, unaware. Our bad. We got back to your developer and the problem was subsequently fixed. Secondly, the reason your app was crashing was because a critical file we needed was manually removed by the developer. So it would necessarily crash every time you tried to launch the app. The message shared here made it look like random crashes caused by an unstable SDK - I want to assure you and other folks reading this that Hotline is a stable product that will not lead to any crashes in your app. Happy to have you guys on board using our product now :)
Awesome support in-app! Are these backend bot driven or support staffed? 🤔
@as_austin hey Austin. We have the framework in place if you want to fit in a bot (do reach out to us), but the product itself is support staffed. I can tell you we've gone the extra mile to make the support scale better though - shortcuts, bringing in context, bulk actions, interface built for multi-tasking, etc.
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@srikrishnang Awesome! Glad to hear it andI look forward to the many ways to advance!
Your iOS SDK documentation is incorrect. Change pod 'Hotline','~> 1.0.0' to pod 'HotlineSDK'
@lnbharath Thanks for pointing it out bharath . It is fixed now.

Hotline is wonderful. I used it for a side-project of mine and loved the experience.


Hotline is straightforward and pretty easy to use. Feature-packed and is a must-have for any service-based mobile app.


Nothing that I can think for right now.