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#2 Product of the MonthJuly 2015

Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today.


  • Emma Tiegan
    Emma TieganHead Of Operations

    Helpful to understand Customer Journey


    Can't delegate viewings to team members within HotJar

    Love HotJar! It's been pivotal for us to understand our customers, and learn how we can improve our product (SmarterQueue).

    The only thing I wish it had was team member assignment within HotJar. As there are hundreds of viewings, as a manger it's a bit of an admin task to assign viewings to individuals. There maybe a way of doing this within HotJar that I've missed, but couldn't easily see it.

    Great tool overall 👍🏽

    Emma Tiegan has used this product for one month.
  • Nick Schwaderer
    Nick SchwadererRuby on Rails Developer, OHQ

    Lightning-fast setup, Free Plan Available, Useful Data


    Blocked by privacy addons

    This is a much-needed out-of-the-box product that gives us the heatmaps we want- all for a price and ease-of-use that isn't prohibitive! I was intrigued, and literally had this product spun up in a live web application and recording data in under five minutes. Really excited to see where this goes!

    Nick Schwaderer has used this product for one day.


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Stewart Rogers
Stewart RogersHunter@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
After seven months of beta testing, Hotjar Insights is now Hotjar, and the team has included a whole raft of new features based on customer feedback, and testing. What does it do? Hotjar is a conversion rate optimization solution, helping you to understand how visitors engage with, and interact with, your website. It includes heatmaps, and full site recordings. In addition, Hotjar allows you to ask your visitors questions about their experience to better understand why they may be leaving, or why they aren't following the path you've designed. Here are all the key changes since the beta release: - Improved the way we collect and present Recordings - and the user experience of filtering and identifying recordings. - Added support for dynamic pages, AJAX driven pages and password protected pages in our Recording. - Improved visitor Recording accuracy. - Added overlay Click data to heatmaps. - Improved menu navigation and access to settings. - Ability to delete bulk / all visitor recordings. - Optimized tracking code for speed and deliverability. - Improved URL field input, add support for query strings and introduce regex. - Released support for organisations and sharing between organisation users and sites. - Added ability to share visitor recordings and heatmaps publicly. - Added ability to see recordings from links within Funnels. - Regex and Query string support in Funnels. - Released a completely new feature: analysis of Forms. - Added word cloud and multiple questions to Polls. - Add new question types to polls and surveys. - Localized visitor facing strings in polls and surveys into 35 languages. - Added ability to trigger surveys directly on site pages. ... and many more smaller updates documented here: Congratulations to the team on a successful launch out of beta. It is a solution I've had my eye on for some time, and will certainly be included in my next CRO tools study on VB Insight.
Philip Schweizer
Philip Schweizer@phswiss · CEO @ SalesWings
@therealsjr Been using it for months and love it! Can recommend it to any webmarketer looking to better understand their visitors and engaging with them through polls
Michiel de Wit
Michiel de Wit@michieldewit · Lead Developer at
Great documentation! I was going to ask how we could use Hotjar for, but the documentation really has all the answers!
Jimmy Douglas
Jimmy Douglas@jimmydouglas · Tesla
I have been using Hotjar for a little over a month, and have been very impressed with the product. The recordings can be kind of addicting, and the heat maps are super useful in terms of understanding trends in user behavior. I am using the data from Hotjar to make some pretty significant changes to my site, in hopes of improving conversions. Side note, their customer service is impressive. I sent them a note about billing with Amex (I'm upgrading to the paid version), and although they don't support it today, someone got back to me personally in a very short period of time to explain that they will be supporting it soon. Sweet!
Jake@jakelprice · Web Developer
Really digging Hotjar at the moment. Love the fact they listen to all feedback as well - these new additions (I use Funnels and Form tracking a lot!) make this a one-stop system for user interaction optimisations :)
Jim Carter III
Jim Carter III@noinput · Cause Hacker
The Hotjar team are killing it with this solid product. We use Heatmaps, Recordings and Polls/NPS score tracking. Really clean interface and appreciate the speed as well.