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HostelGO helps you find the best hostels at your destination. Now you can book with confidence.
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Hello Product Hunt! I built this app to solve a problem I had when I was booking accommodations, too much choice. I always have 3 apps open, searching through reviews of tons of accommodations before I would book. I wanted to make that process a bit easier, so I thought that returning only the top 5 rated hostels w/ availability for the requested dates would help cut through the clutter. I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks! -Chris
I understand the decision to go with iOS first, but maybe having a web version would also be an option? Also, what are your criteria for 'top'? If based on reviews, which website(s) do you use?
@footer thanks for the feedback. If the demand is there, i’ll definitely expand to other platforms. For now the criteria is pretty simple, it is the top rated hostels with availability for the dates selected. The ratings come from my booking partner, Hostelworld. The plan is to refine the criteria as I get more feedback.
Android, please?!?
why only 5?
@lisadziuba hey Lisa, that’s for your feedback. I wanted to limit the noise, and I felt like 5 was a good number where you had some choice, but you weren’t overwhelmed.
@lisadziuba @chris_piazza I feel that too. Instead of searching among dozen of pages of bookings with the anxiety that there may be another offer more suitable for you, how about letting the app decide what's best for your (with great accuracy hopefully).
I know this pain to find a good hostel in a new city. Thanks for your app, I would love to try it!