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This is a regular hostel booking site like a bunch of others. What am I missing to not see anything related with Airbnb? In fact, hostel and hotel is a classification done in the structured world of regulated accommodation. In reality, an 'Airbnb for hostels' would simply be listings on the original Airbnb filtered by $0-$30 per night price range.
Really well done and with the rise of the digital nomad movement it's a great little niche.
Cool! Going to check this out. I've found that a lot of hostels (like Wake Up! and YHA in Sydney) are becoming more and more like hotels (services + private rooms for ex). After travelling for a long period of time and using hostels, I actually prefer sleeping in a hostel, even in a city like NYC for example.
Just wanted to clarify that Hostel Rocket does not advertise as an "AirBnB for hostels"- although that's a huge compliment! So thanks! Hostel Rocket enables travelers to search and book hostels from any device including ios and Android apps. We are hostel travelers and past hostel owners who knew we had to do something about a very fragmented industry. So, we traded our flip flops for computers while we build an awesome hostel booking app that will defragment an industry we love and unite travelers with hostel operators. We hope you tune in often and enjoy the many features we roll out frequently- as the best is yet to come. Try our apps! Thank you all for all of the kind words and support! By the way... is this (producthunt) just an awesome website or what?
Amazing UX on search flow, one of the best I seen!!