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"Web desktops are back again! It seems it's been a long time since I last saw one. This topic always generates a big debate whether a cloud os is the future or not. In my opinion, the idea of running a universally accepted "computer" accessible from anywhere and any device is actually really powerful and centralising all our internet lives in one place so we can control our data is huge. EDIT: I've been playing around with Horbito for a while and it's pretty badass, it works quite fast and integrates really well with Microsoft Office, kudos for the team" - A comment on the HN post
@ambonium Thank you very much for hunting us! I wasn't expecting it, I'll be glad to solve all the questions anybody might have!
@robby2023 a great product deserves to be here ;) After all that's what @ProductHunt is for :)
Looks quite promising... but just so I'm clear... It's free for the 1st 25gig, then $1 / month for 50gig, $ 2 / month for 75 gigs and so on? Seems great but how will you possibly make money at that rate :/ It's worrisome to think: "ok, i'll move all of my data to this new service but not sure they will be around in a few months :( "
@exlemor You're right: $1/month for 50GB, $2/month for 75GB, $3/month for 100GB... Right now we are focused on getting as many active users as possible to attract developers to integrate their apps inside horbito. On the future we will be adding new business models like teams, premium accounts, white brand, offering services for developers... Don't worry, we'll be around for a while ;)
@robby2023 I'm sure that if you gave PH users an extra 25gb a month, you'd get a very good return on your money in terms of customer acquisition - they love to spread the word ;) lol
@robby2023 @exlemor sounds like a plan!
@exlemor That's actually a pretty good idea!
@robby2023 I usually have some of those ;) ... and if you need a beta tester, i'm sure I could help out - but be warned i typically find a bunch of issues to be fixed ;) lol
I love it so far! Quick question - is it possible to integrate other services such as Evernote, Wunderlist?
@stanislav_dim Not right now but definitely soon! ;)
Looks amazing! Maybe it's just me but is it possible to delete/add/move apps from the sidebar? Tried different things on Safari (macOS) but didn't manage this. ¡Muchas gracias!
@skankinpenguin Thank you! You can add apps by moving the icon from the launchpad to the dock. However, you can't remove icons from the dock right now :S
@robby2023 ¡Muchas gracias otra vez! Do you have any plans adding the feature to remove and/or sort apps in the sidebar in the future? Would be very handy. ;) BTW: I used the app a few days now. 💚 it!
@skankinpenguin For sure! We'll add it in the upcoming weeks, it shouldn't take us long to release it! ;)
Casey Neistat? What does he have to do with this? Is he a backer?
@andrey_lukin I wish!! We're just big fans so we wanted to give him a tribute!
@robby2023 work harder ;) Tbh, I feel like he wouldnt mind meeting up with you since youre a fellow builder, just like him