Know who's arrived at the party with hands-free check-in

Available on iOS and the Google Play Store, HootHere is a great social tool--I hate arriving too early to parties, but also hate missing out on the fun!
Hey @producthunt can I get added as a maker? Much love to Kiki for posting Hoothere! This is something I have been working on for a while and my first real entrance into the tech world. Hoothere is about bringing people together, and what draws people together most? Other people! Really hoping to continue to build on this concept and hear every bit of feedback I can get from everyone :) Any Product Hunter who makes an event on Hoothere at their mailing address will get cool Hoothere stuff sent to them! To download easily you can text "Hoot" to 27-126 as well as check either app store. Looking forward to hearing what anyone has to say!
@producthunt @erictwillis thanks eric! any chance i can get the name edited too (Hoothere). and what about one of those pretty gold stars? I wasn't sure if my offer was eligible since this isn't a paid service, but just wanted to send the awesome community some free stuff :)
@sumeetj it would be so awesome if you could connect a Facebook event. Does FB have an API for events?
This looks great, I could have used this a few weeks ago when going to some meetup:) I see a lot of uses for this app and a lot of potential for how it could be used.
@robertwilliger much appreciated! there have been definitely alot of different use cases, as well as ways we are using our backend info to provide statistics and data to event organizers - and eventually local businesses, to make Hoothere a context relevant any simple hyper-local method of reaching consumers
A good event manager that goes beyond the functionality of Facebook events.
@indianidle Thanks Ivan! The goal wasn't to simply make an event manager - but a simple app that did the work for you. Made social life not something you had to "work" for the way you do on other social media. Context relevant info at the right time from the right people, and thats it!.
@sumeetj has been working on this for some time now. The concept is great! Although the space is tough to crack, it's about time we get an app that makes event discovery, amongst your network, smooth!