Follow anyone right from Facebook Messenger

Hooks.me is a bot that connects you to any Twitter, Youtube, Blog, Podcast... you want right from Facebook Messenger, sends you timely updates when there's something new, and lets you interact directly with the authors.

Meanwhile, it gives influencers and brands the right tools to manage their new audience.

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Thanks for the Hunt Chris! Hey ProductHunt! I'm Jose, one of the makers of https://hooks.me and https://gethooksapp.com. Using Hooks.me is really easy: – You can go to our Home Page and find the authors you like from the catalog, or go directly to messenger with https://m.me/hooks.me – You can Search by name, it has EVERY twitter, medium, podcast, and youtube profile indexed by default – Every profile is shareable, you can use https://hooks.me/t/chrismessina or https://m.me/hooks.me?ref=/y/chr... to follow directly from Messenger – You can claim your profile and edit it at https://hooks.me/join At our iOS and Android apps, we see that more than 25% (that's ~200K!) of our users use it for receiving notifications when the people they care about published something but, as an app, it was really hard to get influencers into the loop. With Hooks.me we changed that, as *everyone* has Messenger. We also built Hooks.me with the authors in mind, as we found that influencers, content creators or publishers are not yet in Messenger, even knowing that the amount of people they can reach there is much higher than where they are publishing now. Whats coming next: – We are adding more profile sources. Right now it supports Youtube, Twitter, Medium and iTunes podcasts. Soundcloud and RSS are going to be added this week, and working on Instagram and more. – We are opening the tools for influencers, where you can see your subscribers, segment them, send AMAs, etc... – Profile merging: right now you have one different profile for every social media account. Please, drop us a line with your thoughts and thanks for your support!
@joseleperez looks good, but I am confused on how to create a profile. I click on create profile from your website and it sends me to typeform, I have an account already so login but then what do I do to create a hook.em profile, thanks for the help
Love this. Super interesting experience to keep track of people and topics that you're interested in a streamlined / straightforward way. The integration with Messenger is smart. Keep it up!
@bluerssen Thanks Brian! That's fun: I've been using your twitter photo at sketch while designing the prototypes
@joseleperez Ha! Now I feel sorry for you. ;p
Hi, sounds useful. Just like Wechat subscription. How do you solve "if Facebook offers the official platform to do this" problem?
@li_jie Yes it is more or less WeChat subscription. Main difference here is that we already have everyone onboard – but they dont know it. For example: https://m.me/hooks.me?ref=/t/li_jie . If Facebook does that will make messenger more popular and hope our tools are more influencer focused than theirs... and they will still need the creators help to start (I dont see them connecting your youtube account directly there).

So far, so good.


Allows me to find more subscribers to my newsletter


How easy will it be to acquire new users?

Congrats team Hooks for the new launch!! I have been using the telegram bot for some time and was wondering why you haven´t launched on messenger. The bot is really nice, curious how everything will go from here!
@jiaqip Thanks! As a difference from the bots we have, this is *only for following people* and giving that people the tools to manage their audience. BTW: https://hooks.me/t/jiaqip