Hooks for Android

Custom alerts for everything you care about

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Hooks is an alerts for everything app: set up an alert and you will receive a notification when it happens e.g concert near you, TV shows new episodes, Film releases by rating, Website down, Weather alerts etc. Now you can get is on Android.
Thanks @erictwillis! We finally landed on Android, joined TechStars in Chicago and got funded! We are currently sending 450k notifications / day to 120k users. Also we are adding new interactions to each notification so you not only receive it but will be able to retweet, buy a ticket, forward, rent a movie etc. How does this look? Some of the alerts we have are: * Sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores * Music concerts * Videogames releases, Twitch streams * Weather: rain, ice, snow, temperature drop * TV shows * Lottery results * Pollen, allergy alerts * Meetups * Films by rating, director or starring * Top restaurants * AMBER alerts * Shipment tracking for every courier * Website down * Horoscope * Earthquake * Mentions of you or your brand * Online courses * Alexa rank * Currency exchange rates including Bitcoin * Stocks * Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr * Youtube, Vimeo, Quora updates * Reddit, ProductHunt, HackerNews top articles Please, send us your feedback or ideas!
This looks great - am definitely going to check it out. Early feature request - as soon as I saw it, it seemed to me that the time-based notifications would fit beautifully on the Pebble Time timeline. I'd love to see you add that capability; it would elevate this from A.N.Other notification app to double-plus-awesomeness.* *I've never used that phrase before in my life, and now I'm sorry about it.
@therealsjr right, actually it works with Pebble out of the box, I've been using it with the metal version for 8 month now. We already launched apple watch version so the next step is to have a look on what Pebbles new timeline api can offer us, looks amazing so far.