Customer Analytics for Stripe

#3 Product of the DayJune 04, 2014
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Hey folks, Founder of HookFeed here. Ask me anything. If you like what you see, *anyone that buys an annual plan today* will get 2 months free, and will be invited to our beta program to test all future features pre-release. *Upcoming releases:* - Analytics for e-commerce companies, not just SaaS. - Integrations with others beyond Stripe, and some partners you wouldn't expect ;-) - Deeper insights into your most valuable customers, and how to keep them around longer Really excited to get some feedback from everyone :-) P.S. We launched earlier this year as an alerts platform for Stripe and were featured on ProductHunt at that time. With permission from Ryan, I've re-posted since HookFeed is a whole new beast!
@SDMattG the new HookFeed looks amazing! Potential for huge returns on investment for customers. Nice job.
thanks @Mafuba you using Stripe for Collabinate?
Really awesome - I remember seeing the initial release :) Plans to expand beyond Stripe?
...mayyyybbbeee. The other payment providers APIs are pretty weak/incomplete in comparison to Stripe's. But we have some pretty sweet integrations planned with non-payment-providers. We believe there's a way to leapfrog over most of them and get the same data just as easily.