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Hooke Verse are wireless headphones with built in binaural 3D audio microphones designed to capture stunning immersive audio to ANY iPhone, Android, GoPro, DSLR, field recorder or camera. Hearing is believing.
  • Pros: 

    Gives your phone or DSLR the ability of recording, real, binaural 3D sound.


    I cannot think of any!

    Apart from the high spec recording audio quality, the app and integration with the mobile phone makes it an easy to use product for everyone. Cannot recommend it enough for those that want to make the best our of their recordings!

    Markis Mirrijakys has used this product for one year.
  • Jon Vanhala
    Jon Vanhalacrossfade partners

    really remarkable product and simple to use. great for content creators and regular citizens


    colors, design

    have used since thir kiskstart was fulfilled

    Jon Vanhala has used this product for one year.
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Anthony Mattana
Anthony MattanaMaker@anthony_mattana · Founder @ Hooke Audio
Hi PH community! 👋 Think of the last amazing thing you saw and easy it was to capture and relive on your phone. Now think of the last amazing thing you heard and how disappointing it sounded when you tried to capture and relive it. We're currently recording the world in mono (one channel), but we hear it in binaural (two channels). Half the audio means only half the story is being told. It can and should be better. Hooke Verse brings pro grade, immersive 3D audio recording to a device you already own: Bluetooth headphones. Life’s special moments deserve to be amazingly captured and shared. Hooke Verse does this without adding a piece of gear to your life and a price that makes sense. Hooke Verse Features: ✅ RECORD IN 3D: Wirelessly record binaural 3D audio on any iOS and Android Device; made for mobile, compatible with DSLR, GoPro, 360 Fly, and VR cameras; capture content that feels alive. Easy to use for beginners, ASMR artists, and sound professionals. ✅ HOOKE APP: Use the specially designed Hooke Audio App to record in 3D audio; adjust the sound, record with special sound filters, generate a public feed or live stream, and use the 'selfie mode' ✅ FEATURES: 9 hours of 3D audio recording; 10 hours of music playback; wireless calling; noise isolating balanced dynamic drivers. Includes an inline analog to digital converter for wired recordings. ✅ SHARE: 3D playback can be enjoyed by anyone on standard headphones or stereo speakers; social media sharing functions can be accessed directly in-app; YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive ✅ BE HEAR: Hear sound as if you're there; product packaging can be transformed into a portable binaural head to record in 3D. Proprietary Hooke codec: Bluetooth 4.1, 16bit, 48kHZ.WAV sample rate, .0042ms latency We've just launched our brand new website and we want the World to hear the future of audio! 🎧 Get for $30 off by using code PH3DA at checkout! 🎉 Thanks for checking out Hooke Verse! We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve our product.
Anthony Mattana
Anthony MattanaMaker@anthony_mattana · Founder @ Hooke Audio
Hi hunters! 🙌 Thanks for checking us out. I want to tell you why I founded Hooke Audio. Simply put, I want people to care about sound. Before this, I worked as a theatrical sound designer on Broadway. I witnessed firsthand how little both my audiences and collaborators knew of the potential that great audio could bring to storytelling. I couldn't blame them. They'd never had an easy way to capture great audio on their phones the way they did with video and photo. They'd never seen (or heard) how much better concert videos, podcasts or even home videos could be when captured and shared with amazing sound. So I set out to change that by bringing pro grade immersive audio to all. I knew that if I could bring great audio recording to a product we already own and at an affordable price, I could get the world excited about creating with sound and thusly care. Just like what the iPhone camera did for video and photos, I knew we could do for sound. And hear (sound pun intended) we are! This is our "first Verse" and I appreciate your support and feedback. From One Ear To Another, Anthony
Sylvia Deering
Sylvia Deering@sylviad1971
The Hooke Verse is for me the best product I ever bought. It’s like VR for the blind. Even though I have a great sight I live a very sound based life and I love sharing my ambient soundscapes with people living on the other side of the globe. And when listening back to my recordings it’s like reliving the moments again and again. It feels like teleportation.
Anthony Mattana
Anthony MattanaMaker@anthony_mattana · Founder @ Hooke Audio
@sylviad1971 Thank you so so much Sylvia, that is music to our ears!! 🎧
Geoff Berkheimer
Geoff BerkheimerMaker@geoff_berkheimer
Hey PH! Geoff here, head of digital at Hooke. Just wanted to share some of our favorite videos captured in 3D audio. Watch with headphones to hear the magic:
Mike Baquiran
Mike Baquiran@mike_baquiran · I enjoy camping.
This is a great tool for chronicling adventures outdoors. I sometimes find myself in wet environments during my travels (e.g. rain, snorkeling, canoeing, etc.) - is the Verse rated IPX7 or IPX8?
Anthony Mattana
Anthony MattanaMaker@anthony_mattana · Founder @ Hooke Audio
Hey @mike_baquiran great question. Hooke Verse is not IPX7 or IPX8 certified. That being said, I have worked out in my pair for two years now and been caught in the rain with them many times with no issues. During manufacturing, sealing all components was a priority mainly for recording quality/resonance. I've been very happy with how they've held up!
Hey All. I want to point out some other cool features now available on our spanking new website: 1.Learn how to record binaural 3D audio to any device: https://hookeaudio.com/how-to-re... 2.Not sure what binaural audio is? Neither did we! Learn more about it: https://hookeaudio.com/what-is-b... Remember hearing is believing. It’s so awkward “writing” about something you have to “hear” in order to really feel the immersive sonic experience. So check it out. Eargasm away! Manhattan