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Participate in research and join the fight against COVID-19

Honeybee empowers the public with credible COVID-19 research info. Connect directly with scientists to participate in the development of cures, treatments and services that will improve mental and physical health during and after the pandemic.
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Great work!
@dominicl As always, thanks for the support... And the idea to feature here πŸ˜ƒ
Check us out at https://covid19.honeybeehub.io! Clinical trial research provides the health data that drives the development of products, services and regulations. @catherinekychan and our team distilled COVID-19 research progress information from credible sources to track the journey of COVID-19 vaccine and drug development that will end this battle. We're already seeing the shift in research to explore how this historic pandemic will change the landscape of healthcare, medicine, education, and technology. On Honeybee, scientists, engineers, psychologists, physicians and great minds come together to ask for your help to provide the critical data that will improve our quality of life during and after the pandemic. Find out how you can contribute, and participate in change .🐝