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Honey automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout


Honey is a website and Chrome extension that saves you money by applying discount codes and coupons (almost) automatically at checkout.

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Founder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund

I just saved $15 on a new bed frame last night using Honey.

Honey is one of my favorite Chrome extensions. In the past I would often search Google for “STORE NAME coupon”, browsing through ugly, popup-ridden coupon code sites, most of which didn’t work (because they’re expired or fake). Honey does that for you and attempts to apply codes at checkout.

They also have a price tracking feature for sites like Amazon so you can signup to receive a notification when the price drops.


Easiest way to find and apply coupons at checkout across the web


Not available on mobile

I watch porn and play video games
Sadly, it seems to not work on work computers where you have proxies or VPN. It actively blocks you and tells you to stop using a work computer. Disconnecting from work just to go on a random shopping spree seems a bit excessive and not at all necessary. Uninstalled.
Co-founder & CTO, LogiNext

Product discovery, where the right consumer has access to the right solution at the right time, is essential. Honey has the solution that people want, now it has to make sure it reaches all the interested folk through channel partnerships.


Innovative Concept to Manage Offers and Discounts


Lack of Proper Awareness Among Heavy Shoppers

ease of use
Everything inclooding nothing
A product that has been over-promoted without any guarantee, tried and is the same reality as those working jobs from home like completing surveys online and stuff. Don't waste you re time, and for God sake please keep you re ads from youtube, I find them incredibly cringy when compared to reality. Thank you, You re sincerely The Costumer
On that hunt for 100k subscribers!
Love Honey! But does it support the Brave browser? I seem to have some issues using it at times.