Yelp for people

@chrismessina Aware of these other attempts. I think the 'anagram' style input controls a lot of the issues that these other sites have had. As well the self destructing feedback is another attempt at a solution that is successful.
Hmmmm....thought about legal repurcussions / libel yet?
@tzhongg If you go through the 'anagram' options you can see how limited they are. I was very careful to keep the feedback lighthearted and positive. I know some people are extra sensitive, that's why the posts disappear in 30 days. I really want it to be a fun way to get constructive criticism.
The seeds of greatness lurk underneath. Not well thought out. Back to the drawing board. Good luck.
Great way to give playful needed honest feedback to friends and family. Great features to help prevent harassment. Fun to use.
I would love to hear more feedback. This is the first time I'm getting this into anyones screens. Excited to adapt quickly and hear the communities thoughts.
@johnsalzarulo I'm worried if this were ever to become popular and widely used that it would hurt IRL discussion between people. Also some feedback is probably more helpful or better accepted if you know who it's from. i.e if my best friend gives me advice I'd probably consider it more seriously than an anon on the internet.
@achangeofcoast agreed. Like you said, I care what my best friend things - but personally I really don't value anonymous feedback; sounds like another way to stress myself out over stuff that doesn't matter. I agree with this quote: "What Other People Think of me is None of my Business" cc @johnsalzarulo