App Pages

You can now see related apps and who has them.

Hi all, we just launched the very first version of app discovery on #Homescreen. I included a link to the @spotify app as an example. It's always been our goal to improve on app discovery and make it easier for people to find great new apps (especially those from indie developers who might not get exposure otherwise). With our new app pages, we're exposing relationships between apps (e.g., which other apps are usually organized into folders with them), and highlighting interesting people who use them. Let us know what you think!
@MattHartman Congrats on shipping! I'd love to see a "your friends with this app" view on an app's page
@MattHartman Plans to add search?
@thomasmeagher definitely. We wanted to get the app pages launched ASAP because the data was starting to look so interesting, but app search is one of the first things we want to tackle in the new year. For now, if you want to browse to an app page, the best bet is to either have it on your homescreen or URLEncode the name exactly as it is in the app store, then put it after /app/ like
@matthartman interesting approach to app discovery. I wasn't able to find Product Hunt on there. I'm very curious to see the results. EDIT: Here it is
You beat me to it! You can navigate to apps through your homescreen profile on ...
I love this. Being able to see who has my app on their home screen makes makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)