Holy Méme Bath Bomb

You can now literally swim in memes


Holy Méme Bath Bomb is a collection of bath bombs inspired by this year's most notable memes. Our very first collection features Trash Dove, Spongegar, Fidget Spinner, and Evil Kermit.

We got this idea after seeing the popularity of bath bombs in recent months and thought that it would be fun to incorporate Internet memes with unusual products.

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Ashish Pandhi
Sydney Liu
Charles Magnuson
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  • Pros: 

    Ingredients I can read

    Great gift for almost any occasion


    Smells heavenly

    Dissolves well

    Pet friendly

    Use of coconut oil


    More Colors / Scents

    This is an exceptional product from Dank Tank, that works better than most on the market today. The clean ingredient list is great because my skin tends to break out; even more so around this time of the year. The scents all smell amazing, and as mentioned above the bath bombs dissolve well in water. If you're looking for a gift, to give just about anyone and don't want to spend an arm or a leg then I'd recommend ordering some méme bath bombs.

  • Koven Wei
    Koven WeiI make balloons

    A great, clean way to enjoy bath bombs without any unnecessary additives


    More variations

    Absolutely amazing product! Beat many different bathbombs that I have tried from major retailers. Absolutely comical as well as serving its use. Terrific

  • Louis Li
    Louis LiPhotographer, Louis Li Photography

    Great gift for your friend(s) who are addicted to memes, extremely creative (Re: fidget spinner bath bomb)


    What more could you ask for from such a dank product?

    This product has been THE bathing product I've been waiting for and is a product that every memist and bath-goer will appreciate. It's the next best meme product, second to only the Holy Meme Bible! Can't wait to buy them for myself and some friends!

  • Pros: 

    literally nothing


    its fucking memes oh my god oh my god dear loRD

    just wow

  • Serdar Yaren
    Serdar Yarenindir kazan

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    Serdar Yaren has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Very creative and fun product, gave it away as gifts and got brownie points :)


    Please come up with more memes and colors so we have more to choose from! These are dope..

    I want to get a bunch of these and send to friends for Xmas. Sooo fun! Thanks for the creativity guys..