New holographic stickers with an eye-catching, rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective. Flux capacitor not included.
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Retro! Would love some holographic kitty stickers.
@rrhoover definitely!! Let's do this! 😻
What's up PH community! We're coming at you today with holographic stickers and (perhaps) more importantly a new "kick ass" video featuring Vinny. These stickers are made with a special holographic vinyl that's as durable as our original stickers but with the added rainbow effect - way cool. To celebrate, we have an extra-special launch price: 💎 Get 50 for $19 this week only. Now go watch our video (above) and let us know if you made it to the end without laughing.
@ac132 nice! I was wondering if you do like eco friendly stickers? Recycled paper etc
@ac132 Amazing Anthony! Have been a big proponent of stickermule for a long time (even got myself mule sauce in canada). Are transparent areas of the sticker silver holo? Is white still printed?
@thatmattgardner thanks, that's great to hear! Transparent (or white) areas of the design will be left unprinted by default and show the holographic material. If you want any areas to be printed with opaque white ink, indicate that in your artwork instructions.
Huge fan of Sticker Mule (their hot sauce is really good, not gonna lie). Can't wait to order a bunch of these. The holo effect on the page is well done, too
@chris_germano thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you like Mule Sauce!
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Hey @ac132 @davetraver congrats for the launch, you guys are doing a great job at Sticker Mule, love all of your recent products. Can you share anything else about the material used?
@juanpablosarmi thanks so much! Absolutely, our holographic stickers are printed on a thick vinyl and feature a strong, permanent adhesive. They’re coated with a protective glossy laminate that makes them super durable and resistant to scratching, tearing and water.
@davetraver That's great! I'll be ordering some for my crew in Colombia :D