The easiest way to analyze and rebalance crypto portfolio

A fairly simple way to create and manage a cryptocurrency portfolio in a few steps.
Testing on historical data, portfolio analysis using the correlation matrix and a single dashboard for all portfolios.
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Hi Hunters, Holders and Hodlers), my name is Valo i am a founder of Holderlab.io. One of the features of the cryptocurrency market is its high volatility, which affects the value of your portfolio. As a crypto investor, I face the same problem, as a result of which the dynamics of my portfolio have changed greatly over the past two years. One of the reasons for this is the incorrect selection of coins and their percentage distribution in the portfolio. I began to think about implementing a tool that would allow for automatic optimization of my portfolio in accordance with the changing market conditions and rebalancing. As a result of long work, the Holderlab team was able to implement ready-made tools for creating, analyzing and optimizing a crypto portfolio, which will finally allow us to determine the optimal ratio of cryptocurrencies in the portfolio. What tools does Holderlab provide for a crypto investor: 📊Creating and analyzing a portfolio in steps. The first step includes the selection of coins, a correlation analysis (matrix) of the selected cryptocurrencies. The second step is portfolio optimization, our task is to find the optimal portfolio, those are the optimal distribution in% for each cryptocurrency. The next step is to choose a rebalancing strategy that can be tested on historical data and your portfolio is ready. 🎛All modules of analysis and trade automation are also available separately. You can optimize the portfolio to save it and load it into the testing module. We have connected 10 crypto exchanges for the convenience of choice. 📈We have created a crypto index that automatically optimizes the portfolio and rebalances it once a week or per month depending on the selected settings, so that your portfolio is optimal at any time and regardless of market conditions, this may be the dominance of bitcoin or the dominance of altcoins. 📉We added the option of rebalancing the entire portfolio in BTC and USDT, as well as a trailing stop for the portfolio, which notifies you of the established loss for cases of sudden correction in the altcoin market. Creating Holderlab we were guided by our own need for the competent management of a crypto portfolio. Go to Holderlab, test the correlation of your portfolio or create a new crypto portfolio. Initial portfolio creation step by step - for free and you can check correlation of your portfolio for FREE! I would be happy for your feedback, comments and suggestions. You can write me on contacts@holderlab.io
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