Remember to forget - smartly store anything you came up with

Hoggy is a handy application to store items with tags, notes, and rating.

Ever had a movie recommendation and forgot about it when you actually wanted to watch sth? You need this!

1. Came across something you want to remember

2. Add the item in the app

3. Tag like you want to

4. Forget! The app will remember

5. Check your tag list whenever needed

Gray Skinner
Filip Załęski
Agata Świętek
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  • Filip Załęski
    Filip ZałęskiOnline Marketing Specialist, Droplr

    Really nice UI, works seamlessly. It's your own space for important things


    Haven't found any yet

    Nice small app :)

    Filip Załęski has used this product for one month.
iOS app is coming soon, although you can use fully responsive web app already on both iOS and Android! :)
I am testing it for a while. Works pretty good for easy-forgotten things and nice places where we want to go again (especially in foreign city) :). Good Job Hoggy
If you wonder how we came up with the idea, it is all about food! Have you ever felt the need to try all good food in your city? I know you have. We have been given so many recommendations from our pals, but always ended up in the same 3-4 spots we knew so well. Why? We were too hungry to search. Now when we have Hoggy - we can just check our list tagged with #dinner, #meat, #pizza, #whatever, and just start exploring. Hope you'll like it too!
Looks like a nice app and definitely something we all want but in all honesty I think the design needs some more work. The colors, website, logo.. They work but could be better. Just my thoughts!