Crowd ranking movies to help u figure out what to watch next

Movie fans, rejoice! Stop wasting hours deciding what to watch next.
At Hoblist, the online community helps find your next movie. Browse crowd-ranked lists for your favorite genres. Instead of endlessly scrolling your queue, see what other fans recommend.
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Hey Hunters, I'm a binge watcher. I don't get sleep easily at night, so I've a habit to watch a movie every night before I sleep. These days I was finding it difficult to find which movie to watch next. Some days I used to spend more time figuring what to watch than actual watch time of a movie. I used search like "Best true story movie to watch" , "Top true story movies" etc. I realised my watchlist was getting shorter day by day. And sometimes the watchlist suggested by some of these movie blogs was crap. So started working on a website where movie fans can vote for movies and recommend best movies to the community. Hope you guys like it!
@manoj_manjunatha Thanks. Hope Hoblist will help you with your watchlist.
This will finally stop all of my endless scrolling for movie suggestions. Thanks for this product!
@reina Thanks. Please upvote and recommend your favorite movies.
Amazing no one has tackled this problem yet. I have yet to find a great recommendation engine. I was using Must iOS app for a while and that is decent but excited to try this out. I also usually check Reddit for movie recs.
@parag_r Thanks. Please spread the word.

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