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250+ of the very best tools & resources for web designers, developers and makers – in a nutshell. 🌰🐿✨
Free and premium tools & resources for people who make websites. Curated for quality then meticulously organised for your browsing pleasure. Updated daily!
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I love it! Happy to see I know quite a few of these and have them bookmarked, but have discovered many new things to go play with today - doh! #SidequestHell
@lauren_clarkio Thank you Lauren! Glad you enjoyed. 😁
I like the way you have categorized resources.
@mikedane7 Thanks Mike! Found this pretty challenging actually. There is a lot of overlap between some products but think I found a fairly happy balance. Thanks agian for checking it out. :)
Been working on this for some time! I am a jack-of-all-trades web designer/developer freelancer and a bit of a maker so find myself picking up a ton of different tools and resources as I go. I have been finding it tricky to keep track of them all! So far, I've just about emptied my bookmarks folder... now I am on the hunt for new resources and will be updating the site daily including a link of the day each day on the social feeds. Let me know if you think there's a resource that is definitely worth featuring! Follow on Twitter for a new hand-picked link every day: https://twitter.com/hoardfyi I hope you find something that will help you! Thanks so much for checking it out. Would love to hear any feedback at all. 🐿✨
Did you find something new that will come in handy?
Yes, thank you! 🌰
No, I didn’t look hard enough. 🐌
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