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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Hey @jeremyboyd this is a neat project, I'd love to know how long it took you to build it once you had the idea 🙂
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Jeremy Boyd
Product Development Consultant
@abadesi TL/DR - From when I had the idea, roughly a year! But from when I started building it, 4 or 5 hours spread out across a couple weeks (with a vacation thrown in there). I started to build it on December 23, 2017 while my was still asleep. I spent about 2 hours developing the even more MVP product than it is, and handed it over to my buddy Austin to register for. He found a lot of issues with the process that I neglected to think about as I had database access and didn't need to go through the sign up flow! Another hour to fix those issues, then I had to pack to leave the country. I got back on the 1st, and had to re-adjust to a 5 hour time difference, so the project sat there until the 4th (yesterday) when I went back to it, spent an hour rewriting the crawling mechanism and launching it to Hacker News. I plan on writing it all up, including the initial reason I decided to build it a year ago.
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