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If I could swipe left to dismiss and swipe right to add to @pocket, I'd use this all the time. (That's basically how I use HN now: flip through from time to time and send things to pocket for later, or if something seems super interesting I'll take a minute and read it.)
@awwstn actually if you swipe up you can already share to read later services like Instapaper. And I have submitted an update a couple of hours ago to allow you to share to @pocket :) stay tuned!
@awwstn there you go, the update has been approved! If you swipe up, now you can directly share to @pocket :) - enjoy, and feel free to rate the app / share it with friends and co-workers!
And the gif on their homepage features a TechCrunch post about Product Hunt!
@riaface yep, I found it funny that PH was featured in HN at the time I made the video! By the way, question for fellow app makers: how do you make sure that your screenshots or videos stay 'current' if your app uses dates or references current events etc. ?
Awesome. I think card style information consumption is a great way to curate content, but I'm not sure if I'd prefer it over reddit- or HN- or PH-style post lists.
@narekk agree: HN cards was my first attempt at validating the concept of Tinder for News, and we're looking to expand beyond HN.... (PH Cards ?)
@lollipierre @narekk I also liked the idea of Tinder for News, that we tested with IQ News ( but in the end it's difficult to go fast through a lot of articles. You can check out for more insights about our tests; or feel free to message me directly.
Hi all, I wrote HN Cards. I'm happy to answer any questions!
Great presentation on the landing page. Wish it was swipe right to view the story, swipe left to move to the next one. Also wish comments loaded natively.
@goeric on swipe direction our approach was more swipe down = πŸ‘Ž and swipe up = πŸ‘, but I see your point. Re native comments this will be in an upcoming version ;)