Hive View

Stylish smart indoor camera

Hive View is a smart new stylish security camera with grab and go feature.

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1 Review5.0/5
Looks a lot like the wyze cam but costs $100+ more
I'm confused about the "grab and go" feature. The camera seems to detach from the base, allowing you to take the camera somewhere else. Is this camera supposed to be used like a GoPro? I'm also confused about how the camera seems to move in the product video. It is implied that the camera can pan and tilt using motors in the base, but this feature is not mentioned on the website. The company is sure pushing the stylish design as the core driver of this product. I'm certainly not their core audience. The app's feature set, ease of use, and reliability all matter much more to me, not to mention image quality, cloud and local storage, notifications, etc.
Great job !! Does this ship to India ?😊
Nice design! I wish it supported HomeKit though. That's a must-have for any smart devices I buy in the future.
@mbcharbonneau no one uses home kit, get out of your bubble. Its a big world out there, be a realist.