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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2014
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I thought you might post this, @daveambrose, knowing how big you are into travel apps. Anyone use this yet?
@gillianim I like the idea and vision for Hitlist! I'm a freelance mobile UX/UI designer who loves to travel and flight hack. Are you looking for help with the app's design (UX and/or UI)? If so, message me to discuss further and I'll share work samples: lukebornheimer@gmail.com
@gillianim - I spent months planning and procrastinating travel plans last year. Eventually I just pulled the trigger but it's hard to do when there are soooo many options (paradox of choice!).
@corey_gwin thanks for the feedback! Glad that's working. @rrhoover we're hoping we can give you the information you need to pull the trigger more often - not just pricing but who in your social graph lives/wants/has been to the places you're considering, which can help you better assess if it's the place for you.
Hello hunters - this is one of Hitlist's founders, here to answer any questions/take any abuse