Hitch API assistant

Your automated API support with a slack bot

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I discovered Hitch new product while attending APIdays Barcelona conference. Slack is my favorite app, and I am consuming a lot of APIs. Find it super easy and useful to be able to browser APIs directly in Slack, and also have some basic on-boarding information. Good job @hitchhq team!
@picsoung Thanks for hunting the Hitch API Assistant, Nicolas!
@picsoung @hitchhq Thanks Nico for Hunting this. See you at future API events!!! Also can't wait to hear your feedback.
Hitch API Assistant was born out of our vision to enable meaningful connections between APIs and consumers. We believe that anyone (not just developers) should be able to connect with and understand what an API is and how to work with it. With the Hitch API Assistant, you can engage in a conversation as if you were chatting to another person about APIs. This type of interaction humanizes API support and consumption while helping API owners get closer to the consumers. We'd love to get your feedback on our conversational approach so we can understand potential use cases and help you get your own API Assistant. Let's chat!
@bpedro What I really love here is that, many companies have launched APIs and don't have API support, it is often just pushed of the a support team that may not understand the new API offering. Hitch API Support means there is a front line built to help the API community, so companies can better enable less technical support teams or simply help the support teams better scale their impact. At Hitch we have heard many scenarios where the Product support team have been left with API support with little training. It will enable these people to better focus on high value interactions with the community.
Really powerful! I do like the concept of API assistant. Is it available with all API's ? Keep on the good job!
@xfarrarons Hi Xevi - we can enable the Hitch API Assistant for any API, either public or private APIs. So it can be used within organisations or with strategic partners who may have access to restricted APIs. The starting point is having some basic documentation or API Reference. We can then layer this so the API Assistant can get up and running for your community.
@lukeam Thanks! Good stuff!
@xfarrarons Hope to catch you soon. If you need any API assistance drop us a line.
Great idea! I'm bored of following lot of api docs and this should give me a common view of all of them. I'll definetly give it a try. Great job @hitchhq!
@fgojalvo @hitchhq Thanks for your thoughts! Lets chat soon.
Great solution for monitoring tons of APIs! Glad to see the automation feature rolled out guys.
@chris_fava Thanks Chris - We are excited to see how the market reacts. We think it is a great step forward for the API world.