Hit The Gym is a workout planner supporting you to go to the gym regularly.

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Dear PH community! I’m Lino, maker of Hit The Gym. There are many gym apps with lots of features, but they are not designed to address the huge problem of procrastination. 67% of gym memberships go unused, at an average membership fee of $700 a year. Hit The Gym's mission is simple: Increasing the regularity of your workouts and eventually making exercising your habit. This version is actually the MVP, and many exciting features supporting the mission are already being planned. The app is currently free as part of the Product Hunt post and will become paid in the coming days. I'd love for you to try it out and leave your feedback! Thank you.
I was really excited after seeing this and just about to download this but sadly it requires iOS 12.1 or later. I won't compromise my JB for this.
@x3hemang Hi Hemang, I see. Which iOS version would work for you? And thanks.
@x3hemang My developer has just made the app available for iOS 11, will be submitted tonight.
Hi! Nice product, I installed it! How will you develop your app in the future?
@fedorguryanov Hey Fedor, thanks! There is a long Trello list of potential features that support my mission of making exercise a habit - and it's a lot of fun to consider what to implement next. One example is asking the user when to set off on a workout day, and providing answers like "Right now", "I'm on my way" and "Ask me later". So not just pushing reminders to the users' lock screen, but also expecting her to take action.