Hit Reply – Episode 4: Start small

How to get started at building and launching things

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Fred Rivett
Fred RivettMaker@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
Hey all 👋 In this weeks episode we talk about one of our favourite topics, start small. It's a lesson we learnt the hard way, trying to build big, ambitious projects in one swoop for over 5 years, and launching a total of...zero. Since then we've focussed on starting small, launching attainable little MVPs and have launched 10 projects in the last 2 years. It's a key lesson any maker has to learn, we think you'll enjoy this one. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, just Hit Reply and let me know.
Paul Kemp
Paul KempHiring@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
@fredrivett I'm thrilled you made it past your burnout episode. This continues to be a well-produced podcast. Keep up your hard work guys.
Fred Rivett
Fred RivettMaker@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@paul_s_kemp Thanks so much Paul! Being on your show was the start of our podcast journey, we're excited to see where it'll take us :)