Hit Reply – Episode 0: Yet Another Startup Podcast?

How we went from 0 launches in 5 years to 9 in the last 2

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Hey all, Super excited (and only a tad nervous) to announce our new podcast, Hit Reply 🎉 Hit Reply is a new show that gives you an inside view on what it's like to start a startup. We will be sharing the lessons we've learnt going from 5 years of working on side projects, with ZERO launches as a result, to now having launched 9 separate side projects in the past 2 years. Having now learnt how to launch (and written a book about it: http://learningtolaunch.co/), we're now focussed on starting an actual, bootstrapped startup. The podcast will be charting that journey. Nice and short, with the episodes under 20 minutes. We'd love to hear your thoughts, just *Hit Reply* and let us know :) p.s. We send a small weekly email with each episode every Tuesday, you can sign up on our site if interested: https://hitreply.co/
@fredrivett Thanks for sharing your story. Look forward to seeing where the startup journey takes you.
@mubashariqbal Cheers Mubs! I'm quite excited to see where it goes too 😄
I'm a total sucker for another Startup podcast. Count me in.
@andrewpflynn Schweeeeeet. If you ever have any thoughts on what's great or what sucks, just hit reply and let us know :)
I like the no-bullshit real life straight to the point attitude. Can't wait to listen the next episode. Keep up the good work, guys! 💪
@rautaalin Cheers dude, appreciate the kind words! Next episode out on Tuesday :)
After reading a bunch of your posts and reading the book, it's funny to now put voices to it. Lol. I like the aspect of recording your learnings through the process instead of after all of it happens. Look forward to the coming episodes.
@yeddiejones Haha totally Chris! A lot of people say we sound quite similar, so we're trying to make sure that it's obvious who's speaking. Hopefully we can do a good job on that :)
@yeddiejones We're working on it 😄