History of Product Hunt

Learn community building from Product Hunt's example


Academy about Product Hunt is a set of courses about Product Hunt, the first one being the story behind Ryan Hoover's success in building one of the most active communities of tech early adopters.

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Emeric Ernoult
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  • Igor Gorbenko
    Igor GorbenkoSaaS Marketing Manager

    Can be updated anytime unlike PDFs, generates leads, a must have for sales, marketing and support.



    I used academy ocean to set up academy.serpstat.com, we planned it just as a hub for large educational content but it turned out to be an outstanding leadgen tool.

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  • Reply
    Replycustomer success @ Reply

    Great tool! Using it for trial users education and customer conboarding. Super helpful, easy to edit and add new lessons.



    It's super easy to share knowledge, edit content, make quizes and collect emails. AcademyOcean has strong analytics and dashboards, so you can track progress by course for every user. Must have tool for SaaS. Great job, guys!

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  • Gala Pryhodko
    Gala PryhodkoStartup, Marketplaces

    idea and implementation



    When I saw Academy I was impressed:

    - the cool idea of this platform,

    - the difficult and interesting Academy business model,

    - the fact that this product helps both marketers (providers) and their clients in such useful way.

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  • Emeric Ernoult
    Emeric ErnoultCEO Agorapulse

    Very useful and unique!


    No cons, really

    Academy ocean is really useful and easy to use. You definitely have to try it if you want to create courses for your users.

    Great for sales, marketing and support.

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  • Kosta Bankovski
    Kosta BankovskiGrowth Hacker

    - Great opportunity for easy onboarding of new customers!

    - Brand new fancy content style!

    - Interactive customer self-service



    I suppose that every company would love to have interactive content for onboarding of new customers.

    It saves time for your Support Team, gives great opportunity for Marketing guys to make ads like 'We are a super cool company, look how we care about you! We have a special Academy for u'.

    Also, you will have useful information for new employees when they're just hired.

    Don't forget about reputation! Company with academy in the pocket is always a great choice.

    Anyway, when we are doing something like this for customers, we get a great feedback and it can't be bad.

    By the way, don't forget to have a cool writer for academy, because software is just a platform and the way how you show the content, but real help in information that you give ;)

    P.S. Good luck, boys. Happy to see your launch here!)

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  • Michael Goshka
    Michael GoshkaCo-Founder / CEO, Planfix

    Easy to use, brilliantly executed tool!



    Awesome looks super nice!

    Planfix is one of the first to get access to the capabilities of creating the Academies and we are very satisfied the results. We have already created six academies and plan to create more. Learning in this format is very popular with our users. It is really the unique format for learning our customers.

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  • Alex Wise
    Alex WiseCEO & Founder of Netpeak Software

    Unique combination of customer success and lead generation services!


    'Invisible integration' – but I know guys are working on it now :)

    Quite cool and easy format to make any information 'speak' to your clients, employees, colleagues. I love such way of interaction ;)

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  • Artem Borodatyuk
    Artem BorodatyukEntrepreneur. CEO @ Serpstat

    great product


    more case studies

    We use AcademyOcean for Serpstat and get amazing results for Customer Success, Content Marketing and even Sales Department.

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  • Pros: 

    Love the interactive format



    from my pov this format is much more interesting for marketers, because we can invite users/customers to something huge and not just another blog.

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  • Anton Skyba
    Anton SkybaCo-founder at Moggie

    Great idea



    Really like this idea! Good luck with the project!

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