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We curate the best jobs @ trusted companies still hiring in your city πŸ™ in engineering, marketing, product, design, sales & support. During these uncertain times, our experts curate jobs at top, female-friendly companies & update regularly to stay up to date.
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I love the community that Jaira has created. In times of uncertainty, it's super reassuring to have a network of people to connect with. It's an invaluable resource!
I wish this had been available when I was starting out! Jaira, you have my support, I think it's a fantastic resource for women and I look forward to watching it grow. Who knows, I might find something myself :)
As a woman in Tech, I find it valuable to have a network comprised of strong women, especially in a period of uncertainty like we find ourselves now. We all are in this together, helping each other to succeed.
In the last 2 weeks, over 4 million people have lost their jobs. Projections estimate that over 30% will be unemployed in the next few months. There is enormous uncertainty, fear and frustration. Millions will be on the job hunt looking for a new role. And during this volatile time, scammers will pop up, companies will take employees for granted and financial insecurity will lead to us accepting low quality job offers. But this problem can be fixed. I launched HiredWoman.com to bring a layer of trust, curation & equality to the job search. Our community is for everyone - women and men alike. But, in these times of massive gender disparity in tech, our focus is on curating the best jobs at female-friendly companies. To be specific, we curate & approve companies that support maternity leave, have women in leadership roles, are ranked well by women on Comparably.com, give qualified women & men equal opportunity & have leadership teams that are actively working to close the gender gap in their org. Simply put, our aim is to connect forward-thinking, female-friendly companies to talented job seekers. We are live in 6 cities in the United States (SF, NYC, LA, Chicago, Austin & Seattle) and 3 in Europe (London, Paris & Berlin). We post jobs across a wide variety of roles including: marketing, design, engineering, product, sales & support. Join our community of strong professionals supporting each other during these challenging times. Thanks, Jaira
Being a male in tech, I witness gender bias on a daily basis. We need more people stepping up to the plate like Jaira to help level the playing field, and at the very least bring about awareness. Awesome product Jaira! You've got my support!
@leeshadle thanks for the note - I appreciate your support :)