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Helping great companies find amazing board members

Hired Goons lets great companies find amazing independent board members to help them grow and scale.

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Hey folks! I've been working with and investing in startups for the last few years - as an angel, with Techstars, with Zeroth and more. One of the key things that I've seen move the needle for companies when it comes to success is the speed at which they put together a board. In particular, I'm interested in getting great independent board members into companies in this first instance. Right now, this process is pretty ad hoc. I created Hired Goons to allow great companies to find amazing independent board members. I'm also really keen to help find a more diverse pool of potential board members - which reflects the diversity of people using your products. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction. It's very much an MVP, so be gentle. Happy to answer any questions you have on why a board is useful/helpful, what companies should think about, what potential board members should be aware of etc etc...
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@eamonncarey This is really cool, great work!
Hey Eamonn - we were part of the Ignite accelerator early last year, and our paths crossed then. What would you say are the three best attributes to look for in a board member / NED?
@neilcocker great to reconnect, and great question! I think they should have experience/perspective - so they should be able to recognise patterns, help with decision making and hopefully identify problems and potential solutions. They should have a strong network - to help with everything from investment to PR and all the way through to hiring. Last, but not least, they should be engaged. You want someone who actively wants to get onto your Slack channels or talk/help/work with you on various challenges, problems, issues and more.
@eamonncarey Great, thanks! We're looking at NED/board stuff right now, so this is really useful. Have signed up!
I got chatting to Eamonn about his idea of connecting great companies with board members and lent a helping hand to get the first version out there!

Anything that makes company boards more efficient is welcome. A 'board disruptor' in essence.


Great idea, simple, like most things in life.


Will be interesting to see how acquisition goes forward.

Eek, I don't want goons on my board!
@rrhoover I couldn't resist the Simpsons pun - https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@rrhoover @eamonncarey I like it because it ensures you get ego-less board members from the start. No egos (on both sides) is a good place to start any relationship as important as this