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Free guide on how to land a great Product job


Hired is a collection of stories of Product transitions to show you how it’s done in 5 chapters:

- Transitioning to Product Management

- Get Hired at Your Dream Company

- General Tips & Advice

- Interview Advice

- Your First Few Days as a PM

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Content Creator and Product Lover

HIRED gets to the point quick and provides insights that you won't find anywhere else


Simple and Practical




Product Management in many respects is a fairy new and often amorphous role, often different from company to company. HIRED's promise "Get a Career in Product Management" feels even more amorphous. I'm a naturally cynical (but optimistic) person so take what I say with a grain of salt. HIRED's book feels about as organized as Product School's "Proddy" awards (probably because they're the same company) unorganized, with a lack of definition for user (or in this case Student or Customer) to really use.

I love the idea of getting people into Product Management, it's a great multifaceted role that gives it's practitioners access to many roles in a company. I just don't have faith in this approach (Happy to be proven wrong though)


HIRED sounds like a good way to get people into Product Management, a growing discipline in software development, and many companies


HIRED can feel like the old Churn&Burn-Learn to Flip Houses scheme, and offers vague explanations of what a PM is or why they're needed

Easy to read and understand.


A very good read.