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The automated SEO solution for startups


Hike is the automated SEO solution for startups. We've built it for founders who know SEO is important, but don't want to pay for agencies/consultants and don't have the time to learn SEO themselves. Hike helps you build a bespoke SEO strategy, generates a tailored list of actions to complete and tracks your performance ongoing.

Would you recommend this product?
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The team are more than happy to answer any of your queries and they make you feel all warm and fuzzy when they respond back!


Easy to use, provides plenty of information and really easy for beginners of SEO


Couldn't fault them - Hike is just perfect!

Marketing Manager

Building our landing page and app atm and SEO is core to our launch strategy, having watched demos for Hike and as a member of their SEO page I have already placed Hike into our launch plan, excited to use it and report back...


Marketing for a health startup, Hike is the tool I need to introduce SEO, as the sole marketing voice, Hike provides the team behind me...


Not seen any so far...


Found it really simple to set up and got some great insights immediately.

Love the to-do list style of the app, all presented in priority order. Makes it easy to improving on our SEO without needing to overcommit resources to it. Perfect for startups.


Slick, simple, easy to use. Great features


None so far