HIIT (Watch)

A very simple interval timer engineered for Apple Watch

#5 Product of the DayMay 20, 2017

HIIT (Watch) is very simple HIIT timer app designed specifically for Apple Watch.

With easy setup, clean display, live heart rate, haptic feedback, workout summary and completely independent Apple Watch app experience, your interval workouts will undoubtedly be fun.

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Launched today on Product Hunt! There were many interval timers but they needed to set up intervals on iPhone and then start workout from Apple Watch. Setting up intervals "while working out" should be easy. Large fonts and digital crown makes it a breeze for this app. This app makes use of heart rate sensor of Apple Watch and gives a detailed summary after workout: total and active calories burned, average and max heart rate. And the haptic feedback gracefully guides one through the change of intervals. It is a "completely independent Apple Watch app experience" for interval training. The workout also contributes to the Move and Activity rings on Apple Watch. Would love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks!
@mithiljadhav pretty cool. I agree most of the apps out there require you to do iPhone setup. A real pain in the ass.
Thanks @shawnkirsch "Do things in the simplest way possible" is one of our core principles at RhythmicWorks. I think Apple Watch app centric design can really make apps simple, easy and useful.
I just downloaded the app Pretty straightforward Easy But my question is can I listen music while using the app Will the app still be beeping while listening