David Waxman
David Waxman reviewedHiHelloExchange contacts, seamlessly.

No need to carry business cards. Can share contacts with people who don't have the app.


Looking forward to more features and users.

Disclosure: I am an investor in HiHello. I’ve been using this app since its earliest versions and it’s great. I seem to never have my cards when I need them, but I always have my phone. This problem has bugged me for years and others, like Bump, have tried to solve it. HiHello is the first to crack the bootstrap problem, giving users immediate value without needing others to have the app (though things will be even better once they do). There’s an ‘aha moment’ when people see how easy it is to add my info right into their contacts. Can’t wait to see new features roll out and for more people to get the app!

David Waxman has used this product for one year.