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#4 Product of the WeekDecember 23, 2014

Highbrow is a learning platform that delivers bite-sized courses straight to people's inboxes every morning, that helps them form a daily micro-learning habit.

People are busy and free time is rare, so our courses are 10 days long (you don’t get bored) and are broken down into 5-minute lessons (you can read them with your morning coffee).

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I’m partial to email-first startups, and I like the direction Highbrow has taken. It's a nice MVP -- the site is easy to browse and behind the scenes it appears that they're using Mailchimp and several dozen custom groups to distribute the courses. I just subscribed to the Street Artists You Should Know course.
@rrhoover but... Too many emails! :(
@hilzfuld but there are useful emails that form good daily habits. In case of Highbrow it's to learn something new not related to professional activities on a daily basis.
Hi, I'm co-founder @goHighbrow. Thanks for posting, @wishblizz :) Highbrow is something to scratch my own itch. @janelimanskaya and I made Highbrow in order to help people expand their horizons and master new areas of knowledge daily, in less time than it takes to drink a coffee. I would really appreciate any feedback from you. Happy to answer any questions.
This is one of the cooler uses of MailChimp's automation and I'm envious I didn't think of it first ;) Subscribing to a few courses. The one bit of UX I wish you could change (though as a MC user myself I know it'd be WAY more work for you two) is that when I click on Subscribe under a current course, I don't want to have to scroll through a lengthy drop down list to select my course option. Perhaps build multiple forms based on topic - one form for the four philosophy courses. If you use opt-in boxes instead of a drop down list, people can subscribe to numerous topical courses at once. Thanks for putting this together! It's a bit TED heavy but I can imagine assembling the courses as a two-person team was quite a substantial feat. Edit - I tried to sign up for my second philosophy course - got an error for already being subscribed to list "Highbrow" ;/ Is this a one-course at a time deal?
@stttories thanks a lot for your feedback! Hope you'll enjoy Highbrow. You’re right, Highbrow is a one-course at a time deal. We know it’s not easy to deal with a drop down list but we do it intentionally. We want you to form a good daily habit and not tire yourself out at the same time. Thus, you can subscribe to only one course at a time and take all the courses one by one. We want you to stay with us as long as possible – we're playing the long game here.
@aaazavyalov Interesting. I would definitely have that outlined a bit better - maybe on the form page. I would've signed up for a different first course had I known :) Thanks!
@stttories Thanks, we’ll try to convey this message better. If you want to change the course, you can update your profile any time.
this sounds good, wish it were just one email with all the topics I want instead of multiple email blasts :(
@saijo_george It is a one-course at a time deal. So you’ll get just one email a day. We do so because we want you to form a good daily habit and not tire yourself out at the same time.
@aaazavyalov thanks for letting me know:)
Signed up . Lets see how it goes