HiFive Stories

Create your video stories like never before!

HiFive’s unique innovation will provide you the best visual effect while creating your video story. Here you just need to hit your palm on front camera and our app will automatically start shooting your video. Hit your palm again and your clip is ready. Now shoot different clips in the same way from different locations and combine them into stories

Niraj Bariya
Nitin Gohel
 +3 reviews
  • Artwo
    ArtwoWorking on great stuff

    The idea is really cool


    It doesn't work on my iPhone >_>

    I want to test this app but I can't. It always crashes when I try to create a Story.

    I use an iPhone 6S.

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Andrii Khakhariev
Andrii Khakhariev@akhakhariev · Apps that make copy better!
Will try it. Thanks!
Juan Alonso
Juan Alonso@jajajalonso
Nice job guys, but I recommend adding a video preview in the Store
Nitin Gohel
Nitin GohelMaker@nitingohel · iOS Developer with 6+ years of exp
There already preview options to see story output before creating it. And thanks for your valuable feedback we are come up with more new features in future thanks a lot
Oleg Davydkin
Oleg Davydkin@oleg_davydkin · International SMM @ Sports.ru
This is a really really fun idea, gonna try it right now
Nitin Gohel
Nitin GohelMaker@nitingohel · iOS Developer with 6+ years of exp
@oleg_davydkin thanks a lot... do share and add your review or suggestions for making this more better
Niraj Bariya
Niraj Bariya@nirajbariya · Sr. Digital Marketer at OLBUZ
New innovative way to record video stories from smartphone devices ! Tried & tested and working fine with my MI4 Android device. Kudos to the team for great application.