Click a button to hide all the desktop icons on your Mac

#3 Product of the DayApril 06, 2015
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My desktop is like my old college apartment: embarrassingly dirty. This is handy tool to hide a messy desktop before a presentation or demo. h/t @calldrdave from Lifehacker for the find.
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@calldrdave @rrhoover Really neat. Purely for aesthetics though. Has a bit of trouble with multiple desktops (wallpapers are all set to the same one and when using hot corners the icons re-appear). Once you enable HiddenMe you also can't drag and drop anything on the actual desktop (only via finder). That being said, it does work. I also sent this to my bro because his desktop needs it and he says it works. Good stuff!
@calldrdave @rrhoover exact same use case for me. Have been using this very similar app http://www.websecurify.com/extra... It can be a little buggy with desktop switching, so will probably switch to HiddenMe
@calldrdave @rrhoover isn't everyone's desktop like this? But great find. Will be able to see my desktop photo for once!
@calldrdave @rrhoover I've been using Camouflage for a few years now for the same reason. Just double click the desktop and it'll open up your Finder to the Desktop too. :)
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Fantastic app for office or school presentations!
Shut up and take my money.
@gregcohn it's free
@gregcohn hey Greg, just posted a similar app that I made a few years ago, http://presentermate.com. Feel free to give me your money. I'll generously take it :D
I've been using this for a while. I even created a keyboard shortcut for it. Really useful for doing a screencast and keeping things minimal.
@mengto Why not use the built-in Global Hotkey?