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Michael Seibel
@mwseibel · Y Combinator
I think this is an interesting idea but it really depends on the startup you are trying to build. If you want a lifestyle business that reaches profitability with little upfront investment and comfortably provides a salary for you and your employees - this could a good option. If you are interested in building a venture backed billion dollar tech startup - step one is recruiting a good founding team with strong technical talent.
Yassine el Kachchani
@kachchani · Co-founder & CEO at
@mwseibel interesting input. We are trying to position ourselves as a "pre-accelerator". A simple example will be as follows: founder A gets in a batch, build an MVP, validate his/her idea and get initial traction. Founder A pitch and seduce a risk averse tech friend to join as co-founder. Would this person be a candidate for YC ? We tried to always ask ourselves this question while coming up with our actual model. Btw we were suppose to meet while you were in Morocco Casablanca :) would have been an interesting talk.