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Find & track your subscriptions. One-touch Bill Negotiation.

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We built Hiatus to make subscriptions and memberships more efficient. It automatically identifies your subscriptions/recurring expenses and pulls them into your Manage screen where they can be: tracked (get notified before a service renews or free trial ends); managed (easily start and stop subscriptions, maintain shipping/billing details in one place for your various services); improved (Hiatus identifies your Human Powered Subscriptions like a sneaky Starbucks habit and suggests a membership that might make sense); shared (memberships that are pushed to or started via Hiatus are displayed in your profile, letting you promote your memberships or recurring donations). Your subscriptions are always in sync between the app and your bank account (via Plaid) -- meaning that free trial you signed up for in 2012 will now be brought to your attention.
@jdcallis Any plans to extend to Mac or Android? Love the concept, but don't have an iPhone to try it out. Sorry if you've already answered this!
@dreamingonyx yes! It's high up on our to-do list.
One last feature to mention for businesses: if you have a subscription service up your sleeve, then it's super to easy to start shipping via Hiatus. Plug in the product details (which we quickly but thoroughly verify) and then as an order comes in we'll send you your payment and shipping label. All you need to do is print off the label and ship something great.
Been following Hiatus for a while now, huge fan of trial tracking as well as the ability to push a new address and credit card to all my services. The social features are also really interesting, are you guys thinking about going into benchmarking for services in cities and comparing with other people typically spend at all?
@charleyma honestly we hadn't thought about benchmarking but that sounds interesting. The closest thing we've developed is the comparison between what you spend at the local level in a recurring manner versus the cost of a member-based recurring service. Take housekeeping for example. If you use it every other Monday then Hiatus will recognize it as a recurring expense and will compare it to a membership housekeeping service. As you'd imagine memberships are typically much cheaper per each use. So if you use housekeeping 24 times a year it can have a meaningful impact. PS-we haven't partnered with any housekeeping services so if you know any (even if they don't yet have a subscription plan) please send it along!
I think one of the things Hiatus is lacking at least for me to even think about trying the app is more information as to the partners they are using to link my financial accounts ( I see you mentioned you use a Plaid in a previous response but most people won't see that here). Also Hiatus asks you to login to your various recurring accounts like Netflix but again, as an end user I'd be interested to know how that information is stored and used. On top of that aside from saying Hiatus is safe and secure, I haven't been able to find a privacy policy, terms of service or any details as to how the information is used.
@gamegamer43 thanks for the feedback! User privacy and security has been our company's top priority since day one. Hiatus policies including third party relationships are spelled out via the login screen under "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy".
@jdcallis Thanks for the clarification. The issue for me was that I didn't check the app first. I immediately tried finding the information on your website to determine if it'd be a product I'd be interested in trying which is really where the feedback came from. Now that I've looked in the app, the information I felt you were lacking is right there in plain view. Any chance you can add those to the website as well should people want to research before grabbing the app?
@gamegamer43 hi Bryan, to add to David's answer, Hiatus doesn't store any login information on your third-party recurring accounts like Netflix -- just that you are a subscriber.
Would be great if you mention supported countries and banks on your website and in the application before the sign-up. Any plans to launch in Russia?