Hi Messenger

Send 1 Line Messages as Push Notifications

Hi Producthunters! I am excited to be part of this community. This is my first product and I wold love to get feedback from this community.
Just me or does the UI look incredibly similar to Super (by Jelly Labs) ?
@va_santh to be honest, I don't understand why someone would use this vs. traditional text (which everyone already uses). Text messages are generally already short. What am I missing?
@rrhoover Push notifications are a powerful tool for message delivery and the fastest way to consume a message we receive. We didn't try to replace traditional texting but we are trying to create a platform delivering push notifications to all available devices. Because as a platform we have more chances.
@va_santh Does it show up as a push notification to a friend's cell # even if they haven't downloaded the app? Sort of like a ping? Or do they have to have the app already?
@cmbellinger They do need to have the app downloaded and logged in.