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Choose which social profiles to share with new friends! 👯 Works instantly with anyone. (Even if they don’t have the app!

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Heyy fellow hunters - First a huge thanks to @joelandren for adding Heyy to the hunt on PH! Heyy allows you to choose what you want to share with anyone - even if they don’t have the app. Since 87% of people store info in their device’s contacts (regardless of where they get it) - Heyy enables you to be instantly in the native contact book. Share with any device via AirDrop, SMS, and Email. Plus, each contact includes metadata of where and when you met, so it’s easy to keep track of new relationships. By letting users customize what they share - from LinkedIn to Instagram- Heyy allows you to cultivate relationships on a case-by-case basis. This way, each interaction is seamlessly tailored to both the person and the situation. When you trade info with Heyy, you’re only sharing what you’re comfortable with. We ensure what’s shared is both social and privacy conscious, while still allowing you to put your best foot forward. Thanks for taking a look! Feel free to shoot over any questions or feedback you may have. We’d love to hear from you :)
Nice. Tryin' this out asap - especially since I have no cards while I wait for the next batch. @joelandren
Looks great! I look forward to trying this - I frequently meet people who want to check out my YouTube channel, Periscope, Twitter etc. - and this looks like an easy and effective solution :)
Share with anyone... as long as they have an iPhone?
@chrismessina We also enable you to share via email and SMS. We are currently in public beta, but will also be including NFC compatibility and sharing between Heyy users. When you share via email and SMS you don't have to share your email or phone in order for it to be sent :)
@regismaag good to know, thanks! I didn't see that in the video, so I wasn't sure!
@chrismessina Thanks for asking! It allowed us to clarify. :)