Scheduled announcements & recurring reminders for Slack

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Thanks for hunting us @clemnt! HeyScale is an attempt to streamline operations by sending out scheduled messages and recurring reminders to your team in Slack. Some of the use-cases we had in mind are calling out for the weekly stand-up, a reminder at the end of the month to clean up the desks, a reminder to send over time-sheets etc. Looking forward to see where this will go and I'll be happy to answer all your questions!
@mdausinger Is it possible to send a message to yourself? My user name isn't auto-populating. I'm guessing the workaround is to send it to channel that I'm in or to "all."
@fredperrotta @mdausinger Great question! I guess it will be possible by using the Slackbot. I'll check that out and let you know once we have this implemented.
Useful... and great for trolling your teammates. 😉
@rrhoover not really, they know its not personal because each message has "Sent with HeyScale.com" attached
@mdausinger nice feature set but big turn-off for "Sent with heyscale.com" without mentioning upfront that this is going to be attached to the message :(
Thanks @famouslabs for the feedback! We are already working on making this an option in the settings.
Neat stuff -- will try it out :) "Recipients" should probably say "channel" or at least give some clue that it's looking for a channel. What will the pricing be?
@jtown_ To be honest, I don't think that we'll ever charge for the current feature set. So far, HeyScale is a little side-project and we wanted to see where things go.
Ah, didn't realize the messages would come from me. Since they're from me, I don't get any alerts. Was hoping it'd be a bot so I could send myself messages.