A sleek command based Skype chat bot for your team

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Hey everyone! We are open-sourcing Heybot! at Wingify today. Its a command based Skype chat bot that that came up from our own requirement at Wingify to enable everyone to run automated tasks easily from Skype chats. It gives you a simple nodejs based framework (built over Microsoft's Bot framework) to write commands that your team can run, with provision of restricted access to some commands by power users only. You can literally do anything with Heybot! that you can do with JavaScript in a NodeJS environment. Like: - Fetching customer details - Seeing cricket scores - Upcoming company events - Running Jenkins or other jobs - Proactive messaging to any conversation - Setting reminder and notes - Getting a new joke when you get bored :) If you use Skype for your team communication, Heybot! will sure add up to your productivity. Appreciate feedback and any feature recommendations.